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Vegas beyond the Table Games and Slot Machines

Time magazine, in its list of the World’s greatest places in 2021, placed Las Vegas in the top three. A 1.7-mile tunnel developed by Elon Musk’s Boring Company and new restaurants and casinos that have cropped up post-pandemic are being credited for the not-so-unusual feat.

But can you imagine bypassing the infamous casinos and still having a great time in the Sin 

City? What if I tell you it’s very much possible.

The journey starts with finding
flights to Vegas. Vegas is loaded full of unique attractions and fun for the whole family that many of us have overlooked due to its reputation of being the gambling capital of the world and the adult entertainment it offers. But as the city is recovering from the Covid crisis, places of creativity and entertainment outside the colossal casino properties are making their presence felt. For you to have a great time, here are some of the Sin City’s must-try attractions and activities (excluding the casinos)


Visit the Arts District

An underrated place in the Sin City, Arts District is a vibrant cultural hub brimming with remarkable art galleries and warehouses converted into performance centers. If you thought that Vegas is just about the blackjack table and roulette machines, then the long queues outside some humble-looking eateries in this part of the city may surprise you. And if you don’t want to wait in the queue, you can head for Chinatown, a well-known district for trying out some authentic Chinese and international cuisines. While in the Arts District, you must explore places like the Arts Factory and
Cockroach Theater.

Check Out the Mysterious Area 15

One of the latest additions to the city’s travel scene, Area 15 is an enormous entertainment complex with some unique attractions such as giant interactive art installations, virtual reality trips, electronic music, and more. The place has taken the pandemic seriously and cleaning staff spraying and wiping surfaces can be seen frequently. It’s a strange windowless building that started functioning from February this year. Clearly, the creative people of the city were not doing nothing during the pandemic. Though Area 15 is just a few months old, it’s already drawing travelers out of the air-conditioned gambling ghettos of the Strip, located just two miles away.

Feast in Chinatown

Drive further away from the Strip and arrive at Chinatown, the ethnic enclave of Chinese and a few other Asian communities. Here you would find shops, coffee houses, restaurants, and foot massage salons behind an ornate red gate and expanding all the way to the Spring Mountain Road. Find an authentic-looking restaurant, settle in, order from the menu or ask someone to help you and enjoy a scrumptious meal. You must at least once stop in Chinatown to enjoy at least one meal. Some of the restaurants here raise their own breed of sheep and grow vegetables. Clay pot rice with pork rib, Tan Tan noodles and dishes made of Mapo Tofu can be ordered if you don’t want to be adventurous.

Experience Europe While You are in Vegas

I couldn’t keep this one mainstream attraction of the city out of the list. It’s too good to be missed. A replica of the iconic Eiffel Tower offering views of the Strip, brasserie ambience, and French Cuisines can be enjoyed here. If you find Ancient Rome settings fascinating, Caesars Palace is the place. What a slice of Italy? Go for 
Gondola Rides at the Venetian, I recommend in case you having any queries or questions about Las Vegas
it’s better to get an answer before visiting to enjoy the most.

Step into the Desert Outside of Vegas

Drive outside the affluent, magnificent city, and you will find yourself in the middle of a desert. In fact, just 17 miles west of the Strip is Red Rock Canyon, a national park known for towering red sandstone peaks, the keystone thrust fault, and other geological features. A scenic drive through the conservational area takes you to a panoramic viewing spot. You can easily spend 3-4 hours at this park hiking and walking a bit.


And beyond what has already been mentioned in this post, you may mind a seemingly endless list of other hidden and underrated travel attractions worth your time in Vegas. You may find beautiful murals and graffiti at some of the most unusual places, such as a parking lot or on the back alley wall of a shop. Do visit the casinos and try your luck on the blackjack tables if you find that irresistible, but allow yourself to marvel at the other remarkable things too that the post-pandemic Sin City can offer.

Keep your mask up and stay safe!

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