The Difference Between Nespresso VertuoLine vs Nespresso OriginalLine


Nespresso machines are manufactured by Nestle and epitomize single-serve convenience.

In our recent reviews, we’ve given you a snapshot of the best machines in this deep bench.

Today, we’ll be breaking down the differences between the two categories of coffee and espresso makers kicking off with the OriginalLine.

Nespresso OriginalLine 101


Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules

The classic OriginalLine is ideal for espresso-lovers and keeps things simple.

The pressure-based extraction system on this line of machines gives you 19 bars, more than enough for great espresso.

Brew either espresso or lungo although here’s the twist…

Most OriginalLine machines come with a frother bundled. If not, you can invest in the proprietary Aeroccino milk frother if you enjoy longer, creamier coffees.

To return to the issue of espresso, the OriginalLine tends toward a more authentic tasting espresso even if the VertuoLine capsules kick out a good crema.

This first generation of machines allow you to use third-party capsules. Without that intrusive barcode recognition system, you’ll have even wider options when it comes to coffee.

The OriginalLine of machines often come with partner branding from companies like DeLonghi.

Nespresso VertuoLine 101


Nespresso VertuoLine Capsules

The VertuoLine introduces barcode recognition so you’ll be strictly limited to the VertuoLine of capsules from Nespresso. No other capsules will fit. While there are workarounds to this, we can’t really endorse them. We would suggest another machine if you’re concerned about being locked into proprietary capsules.

The benefit of this new system is the way settings are auto-optimized so you have any less to do than ever. Just push the button and let the machine do all the work.

You’ll be much more limited for models with the VertuoLine with only 3 current offerings set against the 12 OriginalLine machines.

Unlike the OriginalLine, the VertuoLine of machines are only produced by Nespresso.

OK, we’ll now walk you through the huge choice of capsules you have whether you opt for the OriginalLine or the VertuoLine.

Nespresso Capsules: OriginalLine

The OriginalLine gives you more freedom of choice.

You won’t be tied in by that barcode recognition system.

The OriginalLine grand crus are divided as follows:

  • Espresso
  • Intenso
  • Lungo
  • Decaffeinato
  • For Milk
  • Master Origin

Note: the intensity level according to Nespresso’s own scale is quoted in parentheses so you can which would make the best fit.


  • Capriccio (5) – Rich
  • Cosi (4) – Lightly toasted
  • Livanto (6) – Round but balanced
  • Volluto (4) – Sweet and light


  • Arpeggio (9) – Creamy and intense
  • Dharkan (11) – Smooth and long-roasted
  • Kazaar (12) – Syrupy and intense
  • Ristretto (10) – Boldly contrasting
  • Roma (8) – Full and balanced


  • Envivo Lungo (9) – Caramelized
  • Fortissio Lungo (8) – Full-bodied
  • Linzio Lungo (4) – Smooth
  • Vivalto Lungo (4) – Balanced


  • Arpeggio Decaffeinato (9) – Creamy and intense
  • Ristretto Decaffeinato (10) – Powerful
  • Vivalto Decaffeinato (4) – Balanced
  • Volluto Decaffeinato (4) – Light and sweet

For Milk

  • Caramelito – Caramel flavored
  • Chiaro – Sweet biscuit
  • Ciocattino – Chocolate flavored
  • Corto – Spicy
  • Scuro – Roasted
  • Vanillio – Vanilla flavored

Master Origin

  • Colombia (6) – Red fruits
  • Ethiopia (4) – Orange blossom
  • India (11) – Spicy
  • Indonesia (8) – Tobacco leaves
  • Nicaragua (5) – Honey and caramel

Nespresso Capsules: VertuoLine

With VertuoLine machines, you’ll be strictly limited to proprietary capsules, collected as Grands Crus, much like wine.

These can be further subdivided by type of drink:

  • Espresso
  • Double espresso
  • Americano
  • Coffee
  • For Milk
  • Alto XL


  • Altissio (9) – Creamy and full-bodied
  • Decaffeinato Intenso (7) – Harmonious and dense
  • Diavolitto (11) – Powerful and intense
  • Voltesso (4) – Sweet and light

Double Espresso

  • Double Espresso Chiaro (6) – Wild and dense
  • Double Espresso Scuro (8) – Bold and dark


  • Arondio (6) – Mild and cereal
  • Alforazio (4) – Delicate and floral
  • Decaffeinato Ontuoso (4) – Malty
  • Fortado (8) – Full-bodied and intense


  • Caramelizio (6) – Caramel flavored
  • Colombia (5) Fair trade fruity and red berry
  • Decaffeinato (6) – Rounded
  • Elvazio (4) – Fruity and delicate
  • Giornio (4) – Velvety and floral
  • Half Caffeinato (5) – Velvety and sweet
  • Hazelino (6) – Hazelnut flavored
  • Intenso (9) – Dense and deep
  • Melozio (6) Balanced and smooth
  • Mexico (7) – Spicy and intense
  • Odacio (7) – Bold and lively
  • Solelio (2) – Light-bodied and fruity
  • Stormio (8) – Rich and strong
  • Vanizio (6) – Vanilla flavored

For Milk

  • Bianco Forte – Roasted yet balanced
  • Bianco Leggero – Biscuity sweet

Alto XL

  • Dolce XL (4) – Smooth and rounded
  • Intenso XL (7) – Smooth but strong

Now, as you can see, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to which capsules you’ll be sliding into your single-serve beast.

OriginalLine vs VertuoLine

Unlike the pressure-based extraction system present on the OriginalLine, the VertuoLine used a centrifugal system.

As mentioned repeatedly, the VertuoLine also gives you barcode recognition but at the same time compels you to buy proprietary capsules.

None of the VertuoLine machines come with integrated frothers.

In terms of choice of model, you’ve got far more breadth with the OriginalLine range. Given the popularity of single-serve machines, we’re pretty confident Nespresso will widen this line in due course.

If you’re a real fan of crema, you could find the OriginalLine machines coming up short. The extraction is fine and you have ample pressure on tap but you might find the crema underwhelming. That said, you’ll benefit from a traditional espresso without needing to master an aleborate machine.

Final Thoughts

We hope by now you can see the clear difference between these two types of Nespresso machine.

For espresso-lovers, the OriginalLine makes the best choice. If your primary concern is drinking longer coffees without limiting yourself to espresso, consider the VertuoLine of machines.

Remember, the VertuoLine capsules come with barcode recognition. While this ensures you get the optimum settings without lifting a finger, you’ll be strictly locked into those Nespresso Grand Crus.

All that remains is to choose with coffee you think best suits your palate.

Bookmark our site and come back soon. We’ve got plenty more coming your way.

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