The 7 Best DeLonghi Nespresso Machines


Single-serve coffee machines offer remarkable convenience.

All you need to do is slip in a proprietary capsule, fill up the water tank, and push a button. Making great coffee consistently doesn’t come any easier.

Now, the tradeoff you make is sacrificing all control over the brewing method. You can’t manipulate the temperature of the water. You get no chance to grind your own beans. Choice is limited to the size of the drink and whether or not you’ll be making a creamy, espresso-based drink or straight-up coffee.

The other serious drawback to these single-serve machines is the impact so many used capsules has on the environment.

Despite the downside, single-serve machines like the DeLonghi Nespresso line continue to fly off the shelves the world over.

Aside from Keurig, Nespresso are the driving force in this market segment. Nespresso is an operating unit of Nestle that started out as an e-commerce business before opening the first concept store in Paris in 2000.

Nespresso sell single-serve machines branded by DeLonghi, Krups, Alessi, Siemens, Philips, and Magimix.

The machines are broadly divided as follows:

  • OriginalLine
  • VertuoLine

Each type of machine uses proprietary capsules. These are not interchangeable.

For the ultimate guide of Nespresso machines, go here.

We’ll get right down to business now with our DeLonghi Nespresso machine reviews.

Top 7 Best DeLonghi Nespresso Machines

1. Nespresso Essenza Mini Original

 Nespresso by De'Longhi-EN85R-Essenza-Mini-Original-Espresso-Machine-by-De'Longhi

The Essenza Mini from Nespresso is a DeLonghi-badged classic for small kitchens and apartments. You get an espresso machine measuring just 15.1 x 5.5 x 12.2 inches and weighing only 5 pounds.

How about that espresso, then? Well, the industry standard recommendation is 9 bars of pressure so you have plenty in hand with this single-serve gem.

Choose from a short 1.35oz espresso or a lengthier 5oz lungo so you get the freedom to deviate from stiff shots if you fancy a longer coffee.

As with all single-serve Nespresso machines, that’s where your freedom to manipulate the brew ends. What you gain in terms of raw convenience, you lose out on compared to more involved brewing methods like pour-over or cold brew coffee.

You’ll get some welcome capsules bundled. Nespresso bundles their coffee in Grand Crus similar to wine categories. Try the freebies and see which whet your whistle. Once you find one you like, buy in bulk and enjoy push-button gourmet coffee without needing to leave home.

Things We Like

  • Tiny footprint despite powerful performance
  • Heats water in just 30 seconds
  • 19 bars of pressure for authentic espresso

Things We Dislike

  • Some find the coffee slightly watery so experiment with capsules

2. Nespresso VertuoPlus by DeLonghi


The VertuoPlus from DeLonghi by Nespresso is a no-frills single-serve machine giving you the scope to make a wide range of coffee.

Choose from the following cup sizes:

  • Espresso: 1.35oz
  • Double espresso: 2.7oz
  • Gran lungo: 5oz
  • Coffee: 8oz
  • Alto: 14oz

This gives you much more variety than a straight-up espresso machine without forcing you to lose out on your morning shot.

Blend-specific brewing means all you need to do is slide in your Nespresso capsule. The brewing system picks up on the barcode and optimizes settings according to the blend. Single-serve machines don’t come any easier to use.

Complaints we could level at this machine are more related to single-serve units in general than anything specifically wrong with this model. As always, you’ll sacrifice the freedom to dial in the brewing method to achieve total convenience. If this sounds acceptable, you can buy this machine with complete confidence.

Things We Like

  • Oversized 60oz water reservoir minimizes refilling
  • Serve either coffee or espresso with push-button ease
  • 5 cup sizes so great variety in a simple machine

Things We Dislike

  • Coffee tends to bitterness regardless of the capsules you choose

3. Nespresso Original by DeLonghi


If you’ve got deeper pockets and you need a reliable single-serve machine for daily use, why not consider the Nespresso Original from DeLonghi? This is not the cheapest model in the line but it packs a serious punch.

Easy to clean and equally easy to use, the Original is a slimline and pretty compact piece of kit. Whether finished in white or black, the machine sets off any kitchen counter.

The choice of drinks is limited to 1.35oz espresso or 5oz lungo. For some, this might be restrictive. Others praise the simplicity of use and claim they have ample choice with short and long coffee.

Thanks to a robust 19 bars of pressure, you’ll find the capsule-based espresso is more than serviceable. Sure, you won’t get a shot like you’d expect from a semi-automatic espresso machine but you won’t be disappointed with Nespresso’s take on the Italian favorite.

Things We Like

  • All the pressure you need for lip-smacking espresso
  • Elegant, sweeping aesthetic makes a real statement in the kitchen
  • Pour hot coffee over ice for added versatility

Things We Dislike

  • Not the cheapest option at your disposal if you’re hunting for a bargain

4. DeLonghi America Lattissima Pro with Milk Frother


Great coffee machines are not cheap and the flagship Lattissima Pro is no exception. What do you get for that considerable price tag, then?

To start with, you can make pretty decent espresso using the trademark Nespresso capsules so you won’t be fussing around with levers or grinding any beans. Now, we’re committed fans of more labor-intensive brewing methods, but there’s always a place for single-serve. And, with 19 bars of pressure under the hood, you can get solid espresso with absolute ease.

Beyond that, the onboard milk frother gives you the ability to make espresso-based longer drinks if you want to mix things up. The removable milk tank lets you pop any leftovers directly into the refrigerator and it’s dishwasher-friendly, too.

For a great combo unit giving the scope to enjoy short shots and longer, creamy coffees with push-button simplicity, try the Lattissima Pro.

Things We Like

  • Powerful 19 bars of pressure for optimally extracted espresso
  • Integrated milk frother to help you create creamier coffees
  • Thermoblock heating system ensures you’re up and running in minutes

Things We Dislike

  • Costly so make sure your budget can stretch to the America

5. Nespresso by DeLonghi Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle


Next up we’ve got a mid-range DeLonghi Nespresso machine coming with an optional Aeroccino milk frother. Choose from multiple configurations to suit.

As with most single-serve machines, your degree of choice is restricted to the drink size. Luckily, this unit lets you choose anything from a short, 1.35oz espresso through to a 14oz alto at the upper end. This should offer you ample choice for all the family.

Nespresso machines utilize technology called Centrifusion. In plain English, the capsules spin at up to 7000RPM giving you a superb blend and the right extraction for espresso.

You get some complimentary capsules thrown in so see if any take your fancy. If not, capsules are readily available online and in stores.

From the VertuoLine, you’ll need to use the right capsules. OriginalLine capsules won’t work in this machine.

For us, this coffee and espresso single-serve is one of the best all-rounders. You can mix up the size and types of your drink without needing to do more than push a button for delivery. What’s not to love?

Things We Like

  • Buy with or without milk frother to suit
  • Broad choice of drinks sizes to 14oz with the option of iced coffee, too
  • Generous water tank and large used capsule tray minimizes upkeep

Things We Dislike

  • You’ll be limited with capsule choice thanks to automatic blend recognition

6. Nespresso by DeLonghi Lattissima Plus


If you’re looking for a cheap Nespresso machine, the Lattissima Plus is not for you. If, however, you have a fluid budget and exacting tastes, what does paying a little more get you?

Firstly, you’ll get the good looks you’d expect from a design-driven brand. Swathes of stainless steel with flashes of muted silver or titan – there are 2 colorways available – ensure this machine makes a conversation piece. Is it a case of form over function, though?

Absolutely not. You get 5 choices of drink including 3 milky coffees so there’s something for all the family not just espresso-fiends.

With 19 bars of pressure, you might not get the same crema-rich espresso you’d get from your favorite coffee shop but you won’t need to leave home and you won’t need to mess around with a complex machine to achieve it.

You can certainly find cheaper options if you’re motivated primarily by the bottom line. If, though, you’re hunting for a top-notch machine that will give you years of faithful service, the Lattissima Plus deserves a place on your shortlist.

Things We Like

  • Choose from 3 milk and 2 coffee options for maximum convenience
  • Heats up for use almost instantly
  • Auto shut-off for safety and economy

Things We Dislike

  • Issues with frothing unit can develop over time

7. Nespresso by DeLonghi Lattissima One Original Espresso Machine


The Lattissima One from Nespresso’s OriginalLine is another winning collaboration with DeLonghi. We can’t help but mention immediately those arresting good looks. What lies beyond the enticing façade, then?

Well, heating time is just 25 seconds for espresso or 40 seconds for milky drinks so you’ll get near-instant coffee with push-button ease.

19 bars of pressure give you more than enough oomph for a short, stiff shot in the mornings. While you won’t get the finesse of an espresso from an automatic machine, you won’t get the learning curve or the price tag either.

4 bold colorways means you should have no problem matching your Nespresso machine to your décor.

While single-serve machines and their narrow band of coffee are not to everyone’s liking, we feel no household should be without one of these machines. It doesn’t need to be the only way you make coffee. But, when speed is of the essence, there’s no finer way to rack up your espresso or latte.

Things We Like

  • Exceptional design ideal for minimalist kitchens
  • Heats up in well under a minute
  • Integrated milk jug for your creamier creations

Things We Dislike

  • Customer service can be laborious to navigate


Well, we’ve tried to highlight the leading models from the deep bench of Nespresso DeLonghi machines glutting the market.

As when buying any coffee machine, double down first on what you want from the machine. What type of coffee do you prefer? How much control do you want over the brewing process? How much effort are you prepared to put in?

All these questions will dictate which type of machine makes sense. If you want more control, no single-serve machine will work well for your needs. If, however, you prize convenience above all else and you’re prepared to surrender control to the machine, Nespresso machines are a smart choice and the main rival to Keurig for dominance in this space.

Before you go, bookmark our site. We’ve just started up but we already have an aggressive content calendar in place. Come back soon for more straight-shooting reviews and a treasure trove of tips on making the best coffee the easy way. See you soon!

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